Wedding hair and makeup Trial

Your wedding hair and makeup trial to perfect your look

We will carry out Wedding hair and makeup trial before your wedding so that we can create the perfect look for your wedding day. To do this we will talk through ideas and styles for both your hair and make-up and then try them out at the practice session, to ensure that we’ve found a look which suits you and you’re 100% happy with.

Why do we have a bridal trial?

Wedding hair and makeup trials are really important to do. At the trial it is important to bring some pictures of the type of thing you would like to try so we can make sure the artist you have chosen and you are both on the same wave length!

You can try the styles to see if they look right on you and if they work with your hair type and length.

Jo&Oli_Wedding0151 - CopyWhat happens if the chosen style just won’t work?

Sometimes the styles a bride dreams of having, just doesn’t look right on them or it won’t work with their hair texture and/or length. We know this is disappointing but the last thing we want is for your hair and/or make-up to not suit you so you don’t look amazing on your big day, or for the style to just not last all day. It is a very busy day – your hair and make-up has to work really hard for many hours!

Can’t you just not do it on the actual wedding day?

This is why the bridal trial is so important because if you just risk doing it for the first time on the actual wedding day and it does not work – you’re in trouble. You will be really disappointed – your groom might even be a little bit disappointed too – and lastly, your wedding pictures might not be the ones you have dreamed of, after all this many months of planning and endless preparation!

Sometimes it takes two attempts to get if right – if the styles do not work at the first bridal trial, it gives you time to work out some other options you like and we can meet up again and check the new options will work on the day. You also need anything you are going to put in your hair on the wedding day as this can change the style options available to us.

Gemma wedding at the Tithe Barn in Petersfield in Hampshire But what if I don’t like what the artist does at the trial?

This is your Big Day. Not ours. So it is really important that you are 100% open and honest with your chosen wedding hair & make-up artist. If you are not sure of anything at the trial try and say so immediately. Don’t think “I’ll sleep on it”. Ideally just say it right there and then. My artists will be doing what you have asked them to create so they are always more than happy to change anything to make it right for you.

And if you do change your mind when you get home, please let me or the artist know and we can talk you through how we can change it to suit you better.

When should the trial be done?

Typically the bridal trial will be done between six and ten weeks prior to your wedding day and really benefits from being carried out in daylight, so that we can find the best and most natural match foundation for your skin colour.

Whether you know exactly what you want or have no idea at all, we will not rush the wedding hair and make-up trial and will take as much time as we need to go through various options until we find the best one for you. Making sure you are happy and confident with what you have decided upon for the day.

We view your hair as just as important as the make-up, particularly as it has to go with your dress, your veil and flowers which you have chosen, so if you do have any ideas or particular likes/dislikes for these, please bring any pictures you may have with you.

Lastly, don’t forget…

To bring along any wedding hair accessories, like tiaras, hair pins or clips, you want to use so we can see how these can be incorporated and will work best on your wedding day.

Mary's wedding at The Mill House Hotel Swallofield BerkshireAlso read a few more tips on your bridal trial here on my blog.



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