Nicola’s Wedding at Loseley Park in Godalming, Surrey

Nicola's Wedding at Loosley Park Guildford Surrey

I had great pleasure in being asked to do Nicola’s wedding hair and makeup at Loseley Park in Godalming.

Loseley Park is one of my favourite venues in the Surrey area and is just as beautiful in the winter as the summer. Nicola had a winter wedding, and Catherine and I went to Nicola’s Dads house to get her ready in Guildford. It was a real girly morning and we had loads of fun – the flower girl loved watching us do the hair and makeup and loved Catherine’s brushes – a little makeup artist in the making!

Nicolas Wedding Goldaming Surrey

Nicola and her bridal party all went for stunning simple styles and gorgeous natural looks. Nicola went for a loose curly bun with a braid on top and then in the evening, I showed her bridesmaids how to unpin the bun so she could have a half up half down look. This meant that she was able to have two different looks. She also had a very beautiful hair vine in it.

Nicola's DaytIme Wedding Hair

Nicola's Wedding Hair Down In The Evening

It was great to work with Tony Heart Photography again, he is an amazing photographer as you will see from these pictures. I work with Tony a lot and he is great to have around on your wedding day as he stays in the background and is very calming with the brides.

Natasha Styling Hair

Catherine Applying Makeup

Natasha Styling Nicola's Hair

Natasha Styling Nicola's Hair


Natasha Styling Nicola's Hair